Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Pillars of the Earth, 2010

Cast:  Ian McShane; Donald Sutherland; Matthew MacFadyen; Eddie Redmayne; Hayley Atwell; Sarah Parish; Natalia Worner; David Oakes; Tony Curran; Sam Clafin;  Anatole Taubmann; Liam Garrigan; Gotz Otto; Jody Halse; David Bark-Jones; Alison Pill

plot summary:  This 8 PART mini series, based on a Ken Follett novel,  presents political conflict, grand passions and epic ambition, all fueling a 12th-century English story centered on Prior Philip's (Matthew Macfadyen) determination to see the construction of "Kingsbridge Cathedral". At the same time, civil war is roiling Britain as the result of a struggle for succession among King Henry's heirs, with the outcome of history hinging on a portentous secret. 

sez says: this was diverting.  The acting was fine. The story was complex and compelling. The production values were better than average. It stated off very strong--and anyone can pretty much guess was going to happen in the end.  "The Church" comes out looking really bad...which probably has plenty of historical president.  The 'Witch' was as little too good, and the naked women (at least one per episode) were a bit obvious. 

mjc says:  fun story, fun to watch ...good production values for a series

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